A much-desired spotlight on the recent May 20 bee day, Italian beekeeper Rocco Filomeno designed a whimsical waterfront guest home and gave it a creative Airbnb-like name, “Wonder Bee & Bee.” A house in an olive park within Italy near the southern Italian village of Grottole awaits guests and invites visitors to spend the night under the buzz of thousands of bees living in a hive under the ceiling.

Its creation cost the owner $17,000, raised through crowdfunding, and the help of 17 volunteers. The setting is very simple: there is only one room with single cots in January. Everything. Despite the lack of landscaping, the specially constructed hive in the ceiling is a real highlight and provides visitors with the opportunity to observe the life of the bee swarm.

Wonder Bee & Bee Hotel

There are about a million bees living in the hive, which is actually quite noisy. Many are actually advised to bring earplugs with them, at least get some sleep, although some nature and exotic lovers may find this sound very soothing. Since there is no book of your own in the house, the visitor will come ensh Instead of a refrigerator, there is a cooler bag with ice.

Wonder Bee & Bee can be rented on Airbnb. This package includes a tasting of strawberries, homemade cookies and of course local honey, as well as informative bee talks with the owner. The proceeds will be redirected to a donation to preserve the flesh of the conservation.

Wonder Bee & Bee Hotel

Source: Tech Cult

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