Alexei Goreslavsky, head of the Internet Development Institute (IRI), said that the official release of the Russian game “Trouble” is tentatively scheduled for early 2024.

An Action RPG game about Time of Troubles in Russia, developed by Novosibirsk studio Cyberia Limited, will be available at the end of 2023, according to the manager.

IRI invested in the game because “the engine of Russian video game development should at least be started,” Goreslavsky said. According to the manager, the financing is carried out in stages: firstly, about 260 million rubles were allocated to create the mechanics and engine of the game. In 2023, IRI has already set aside funds – 230 million – to saturate the game with content. At the same time, funds have not yet been allocated for the marketing of Issues.

Goreslavsky said that in 2022, Iran spent about one billion rubles on game development. Troubles received money alongside Sparta, Night at the Museum, Health of Children.rf app, Bodo Borodo mobile game, History Simulator and After Discharge. According to the head of the IRI, it’s cheaper and easier than an RPG game about Time of Troubles, but “it should work.”

Goreslavsky emphasized that the institute’s task is to ensure that in 2024 the average player chooses between five or six “shameless” Russian games.

Source: Ferra

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