Last Monday WWDC 2023 cupertinos measure the next update for the senses iPadOS.

We’ve already had our first impressions of this system for iPad, and now we decided to collect all the new features and options.

To the point: 49 new features in iOS 17. All the innovations and changes

Of course, new extra chips iPadOS 17 sure with updates iOS 17. We will try not to duplicate this information and consider only the exclusive features of Apple tablets after updating to the new firmware and the technical features that will debut on ipad (and on iPhone already look in iOS 16).

iPadOS 17 will be available on select devices

Install test version iPadOS 17 now or updated to the final release:

iPad Pro 2nd generation and newer;
iPad Air 3rd generation and newer;
ipad 6th generation and newer;
iPad mini 5th generation and newer.

As expected, support iPadOS 17 did not receive: first generation iPad Pro (9.7″ and 12.9″) and basic ipad 5th generation (2017).

Widgets and lock screen

1. Appeared in iPadOS customizable lock screen similar with iOS. You can choose the theme, type and color of the font for the clock. Filters are connected for the installed image.

2. Side available widget panelWhere can I display the size of the panel 1×1, 1×2 or 2×2. Widgets are hidden only in landscape mode, in portrait mode the panel is hidden.

3. Appeared new preset themes for lock screen: sections of prepared wallpapers “kaleidoscope” and absorption “weather and astronomy” with all the planets in the solar system.


4. Added a couple of new exclusive wallpapers.

5. As in iOS, you can do harm multiple profiles lock screen, change them manually, through configured automation, or link to a focusing profile.

6. Live photos set as background image will be reveal animation.

7. On lock closure and desktop widgets will be interactive. You can switch tracks, activate smart gadgets in your home, or view the features of some devices without switching to the app.

8. On the lock screen there was a zone Live events, where you can display panel information from some main and external applications. For example, a timer, a scoreboard with sports events or a taxi schedule.

Multitasking and collaboration

9. In multitasking mode director (Stage Manager) for ipad on processors M1/M2 added a more flexible grid to adjust window sizes.

10. iPad, like iPhone, knows how to master in a video cameras for talking face time through Apple TV.

Available on iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd generation and up), iPad Pro 11″ (1st generation and up), iPad (8th generation and up), iPad Air (3rd generation and up) and iPad mini (5th generation and later) and Apple TV 4K (2nd generation and later set-top boxes).

eleven. Connect iPad to camera monitor during calls face time May be connecting camera to display.

Available on iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd generation and later), iPad Pro 11″ (1st generation and later), iPad (10th generation), iPad Air (4th generation and later), and iPad mini (6th generation).

12. Collaboration utility Free form received several new tools for sketches.

13. When collaborating on the same canvas Free form in the nature of time will be scope and action other users.

14. In iPadOS an application appeared Health. This is a completely new utility that was developed specifically for the screen size and aspect ratio of the iPad.

Notes and working with PDF documents

a separate block of the presentation was devoted to working with files in the format PDF. The set of options is almost completely available in iOS 17but on the big iPad screen and in stock apple pencildoing it on a tablet would be better.

15. Appeared form autoload mode in PDF documents. Saved for input on selections, for example, full name, address, phone and email are included in the tap data.

16. built-in PDF editor integrated into the application Notes. Now you can work with the document inside the notes and not distinguish it separately in the file manager.

17. In notes, you can creating links to other notes. This will certainly link the materials into a single system and a large knowledge base for yourself and the users with whom you share notes.

18. Collaborative document editing just got better. Changes made will be one user instantly on screen other team members.

Here is a set of innovations for iPad tablets after the release of the system grew in the fall.

Source: Iphones RU

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