Will Ted Lasso season 4 be on Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ will not say goodbye to its most popular TV series so easily!

Will Ted Lasso season 4 be on Apple TV+?
Beard, Roy and Nate didn’t say goodbye

There is only one week left until the final episode of the third season airs. ted lassoFollowers of the most popular show to date on Apple TV+ continue to ask themselves the same question as a few months ago about its continuity. While the answer may seem obvious, the platform has given us hope.

A post from the Apple TV+ Twitter account excited Richmond fans. It leaves no room for doubt. Everything seems to indicate that The story of the football team, which managed to change under the influence of a charismatic leader, may return in the fourth season.. That is, without the protagonist.

“Richmond Road”

in the Twitter post A picture of Beard, new head coaches Roy and Nate can be seen. The image came with one sentence: “Smells like potential” as you can see in the tweet below:

The most detailed followers of the program were not delayed either. Relate this sentence to what Ted Lasso said when he first entered the AFC Richmond locker room. Of course, this also indicates that the series may return for a fourth season. Nick Mohammed, who plays Nate in the series, tweeted the teaser and responded with the “lips closed” emoji.

As for the constantly asked questions about the possibility of a fourth season of Ted Lasso, Jason Sudeikis, who plays Lasso, has confirmed that his involvement will end in the third season.. For their part, the creators of the series have confirmed that the narrative arc was originally thought to end in three seasons. And Apple probably didn’t mention it until after confirming the story’s overwhelming success.

The tweet makes it clear that the series will continue with a fourth season, and season three was perhaps just a series finale for the character of Ted Lasso.. In one of the scenes of the last episode, he emphasizes that what happened in Richmond was never about him, giving way to characters whose stories are further explored in this third season and supported by Ted, who are also key to team transformation. .

Apple TV+ is available at: €4.99 It is possible to access the Apple TV+ catalog completely free of charge once a month, but with various subscription alternatives.

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