McClic has discovered an interesting novelty in the northern multi-opter market. Only 10 minutes of special training is required to operate the coaxial eight-screw MC One. The control mode is implemented similarly to drones, and part of the task is completely free. It is enough to “press the moment” and the copter can freeze in one place or unexpectedly gusts in Etra.

MC One weighs 160 kg and has a top speed of 80 km/h. On the motor, the pilot weighs 90 kilograms at a speed of 15 minutes. The screws are made of carbon, and the design is as simplified as possible and has the maximum number of protective elements. This means that the pilot in the event of a fall is practically not protected from injury.

The company has completed a series of successful test flights and has already launched the MC One at a price of $150,000, positioning the novelty as a premium toy. For experts, the cost of the copter is clearly overpriced compared to similar offers. However, taking into account the transport costs of the individual air transport demand trust for individual air transport, it can be assumed that there will still be buyers from among wealthy customers.

MS one

Source: Tech Cult

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