Uruguayan ‘tiktoker’ Melania Fuentes and her friends unwittingly shared a moment with one of the world’s most dangerous birds. The young woman was enjoying her first week of Working Holiday on a beach in Queensland, Australia, when she was visited by this large bird.

Melania was curious about this animal and saved it to upload it to her social networks. However, as soon as he published his video, he began to receive messages warning him of the danger he was exposed to.

Some TikTok users wrote to her, “In Bolu, that bird can kill you”, “Melania, that animal is one of the most dangerous animals in the world, search Google”, “No, that insect is really dangerous”.

In addition, the young woman added different news in her video, including a man who died while petting this animal. The clip has garnered three million views and more than two thousand comments so far. Some users even commented that they were in similar situations.

“This is what happened to me when I gave a ‘dog’ some tacos and it became a coyote”, “He who knows nothing fears nothing”, “Tourist classic: learning the risks when it’s too late”, “I guess being afraid would have other consequences,” he reads.

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The Cassowary is a large bird native to Australia and New Guinea. It is considered the most dangerous bird in the world, as it can kill its opponents without much effort. This animal is characterized by having blue feathers on its head and a prominent crest.

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This bird is the second heaviest bird on the planet after the ostrich. They have huge claws “They can puncture any surface and cause fatal injuries”Certified as ‘National Geographic’.

Cassowaries are often compared to “Velociraptor” because they are so fast. They are generally peaceful in most situations, but when they feel threatened, they can seriously hurt anyone they come across.

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