One of the new iron products at the last WWDC 2023 was a desktop computer Studio Mac with processors M2 Max and M2 Ultra.

To the point: How the new 15-inch MacBook Air differs from the 13-inch MacBook Air

now compare the model with the first generation Studio Mac any differences between cases.


The main and almost the only change in the new model Studio Mac touched the processor and the hardware associated with it.

Mac Studio 2023 runs on new chips M2 Max. And M2 Ultra. Various modifications are on sale, and through the configurator it is possible to pump any of them:

Basic: M2 Max (12-CPU, 30-GPU, 16-Neural Engine), 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD.
Advanced: M2 Ultra (24-CPU, 60-GPU, 32-Neural Engine), 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD.
Top: M2 Ultra (24-CPU, 76-GPU, 32-Neural Engine), 192GB RAM, 8TB SSD.

Mac Studio 2022 Also present in two modifications with the possibility of upgrading through the configurator:

Basic: M1 Max (10-CPU, 24-GPU, 16-Neural Engine), 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD.
Advanced: M1 Ultra (20-CPU, 48-GPU, 32-Neural Engine), 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD.
Top: M1 Ultra (20-CPU, 64-GPU, 32-Neural Engine), 128GB RAM, 8TB SSD.

In generations, the ability of memory has not changed. She is 400 GB/s (for chip Max) And 800 GB/s (For Ultra). Has hardware acceleration H.264, HEVC, ProRes And ProRes RAW and two encoding and decoding chips ProRes (four for version Ultra).

As it was revealed, the discovery in the generation of processor cases that received more cores CPU, GPU and large RAM support. The models have not changed the amount of storage and RAM.

It will be possible to speak about the nature of the performance increase after the first tests of the novelty. According to the Cupertinites, productivity growth CPU usage 20%A GPU by 30-35%.

Other differences

▶ Increased number of displays. The old model and so skillfully displays the picture on 4 Pro Display XDR and one 4K monitorthe new computer already supports 8 monitors in resolution 4K, 6 screens with the federation 6K or 3 panels with the federation 8K. It is unlikely that anyone will run into a priority for this parameter, both in the old and in the new model.

▶ Eliminated a small defect of the old model and now a novelty Support for connecting high-impedance headphones via built-in 3.5mm connector. The previous generation had no such options.

▶ Upgraded wireless modules. New Studio Mac supplied Wi-Fi 6E And Bluetooth 5.3and the old modules WiFi 6 And bluetooth 5.0.

What in the end

The model update turned out to be minor. The main difference is the installation of processors of this generation, despite the fact that even old chips still cope with fairly discovered and serious tasks. In addition, the new principle consists of three changes, each of which can hardly be called critical. It is unlikely that they interfered with anyone in older models.

In our opinion, such Macs are not evaluated every year. It’s a fairly niche, expensive computer that just isn’t going to be obsolete enough in a single generation of processor change.

Model owners for now no need to think about changing devices (well, only if you don’t have the ability to connect parallel screens), and all the efforts in choosing can be looked at in the direction of last year’s cheaper model, which will definitely be sold by resellers for a long time to come.

The cost of new items has not changed, the price for the basic version in the US is 1999 dollars. We are waiting for new ones to appear in Russia Studio Macand prices for past computers are available below.

Source: Iphones RU

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