According to scientists, the first bipedal animals appeared about 290 million years ago. Eudibamus was a small herbivorous reptile called the cursor. This creature didn’t exactly walk on two legs, but it could run on two legs to avoid predators. It is also known that upright animals roamed the Earth during the time of the dinosaurs (about 230-66 million years ago).

At the same time, human walking appeared much later. It is believed that our ape ancestors began walking upright about 6 million years ago. But long legs evolved about 1.9 million years ago, and thanks to them, they started walking the way we do now.

Until now, scientists don’t know exactly why early humans started walking upright. It is assumed that hands are useful for carrying food, and even walking upright helps to navigate the terrain more efficiently.

If we talk about recreational walking, that is, walking associated with sports or recreation, then this is probably a modern human invention. Hiking became a popular pastime for England’s upper classes in the 18th century.

Source: Ferra

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