There is a 20% off coupon on the Meross Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug

It’s a small device that’s usually already cheap… and now it’s even cheaper.

Meross plug has multiple usage methods

When you get home, the lights at your entrance greet you, ask Siri to change the color of the lighting in the living room, program the fan to turn off at a certain time, and even start the sandwich maker. The possibilities offered by HomeKit compatible smart sockets are beyond endless.

You can even have a device turn on automatically if one of the devices in your home is turned on. HomeKit and the Casa app offer a lot of play to home automation devices. And now we have a very interesting suggestion for you: a very cheap smart plug Includes 20% off coupon and additional 10% Amazon Fresh coupon.

How long does the joke last? Let’s do the math. If you meet all the requirements and conditions to use the two discount coupons, the price of 17.99 euros is practically reduced. 12 euros. It’s a scandalous price for a home automation product with a market value often over 40 Euros.

Meross Mini WiFi Smart Plug

Smart plugs provide great convenience and savings on your electricity bill

Personally, I’ve been using all sorts of home automation products for years, not just smart plugs, I also have multiple ports and connected plugs, and I must say they are a true blessing from God for many reasons.

The first of these is the price. are devices very cheap for the great comfort they offer. The second reason is that I schedule all the devices in my house to turn off with a single tap of the screen or a “Hey Siri”. Electric bill is much lower. Finally, with your own functionality integration Perfect on Apple devices and your useful lifeBecause these types of devices last for many years.

This special plug of Meross brand, HomeKit (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), and Google Home. Plus, if you buy 4, Meross a great 28% off the original price of the item.

Meross Mini WiFi Smart Plug

Meross Mini WiFi Smart Plug (4 pcs)

Of course, there are many alternatives on the market at similar prices. We got this INNJOO mini plug for €9.99 or this other TP-Link Tapo plug for €10.99.

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