Five days after a businessman and his young son were killed by two men traveling on a Dominar 400 motorcycle north of Bogota. New details about the businesses and cases in which he was involved continue to be known.

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As EL TIEMPO explains, The 55-year-old man has been identified as Carlos Ernesto Gaviria CamachoAppears to be the sole shareholder of Gamma Inmobiliaria SAS

Prosecutor’s Office No. 372 assigned Mercan 12 to remove the bodies from the vehicle left on the side of 183rd Street and 8th Street. It was determined that the child died as a result of being hit by the bullet that wounded Gaviria.

According to authorities, The business manager will devote himself to real estate affairs and official database records.There are various processes in Bogota, Cundinamarca and even in the Valley.

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Actually, One of the newest processes is linked to a megalot in the capital, between streets 191 and 193, on both sides of the Northern Highway.

On a land of 90 thousand square meters Consorcio Exprés operations center operates. One of the companies responsible for the management of TransMilenio buses.

Spokespersons of the consortium in dialogue with EL TIEMPO, They stated that Gaviria visited them to inform them if his complaint became final.he would start receiving the millionaire amount of the land’s rental fee.

Moreover, Eyewitnesses claim that the murdered businessman was negotiating with a real estate company for one of the plots. Its main shareholder is a businessman from Barranquilla from the hydrocarbon sector.

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And it was right in the middle of the trial that Gaviria’s face was recorded. In fact, the businessman was accused of falsifying a private document and procedural fraud.

EL TIEMPO knew specifically Records of one of the hearings of the process conducted in the 21st Municipal Criminal Court of the Warranty Control Officer of Bogotá.

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Later The preparatory hearing for the trial was held on October 5.

EL TIEMPO also contacted lawyer Pablo Salah, who assured: The party originally came from a famous doctor who served as a diplomat in Manchester (England).

According to Salah, the diplomat’s widow, Mercedes Calvo, had inherited part of the megalot; Priest Abel de Jesús Barahona, who disappeared in 1996, had persuaded her to transfer it to his name.

When Pastor Barahona appeared, he took advantage of his closeness with Mrs. Calvo. and made him give up part of the property,” the lawyer said.

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And I add: “The land is from Cristo Lector Ltda, of which Gaviria bought 62 percent. It was given in the name of the company. and so he claimed ownership.

The case ended in court and, according to the lawyer, The prosecutor’s office filed charges of procedural fraud against Carlos Gaviria and falsification of a public document.

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Source: Exame

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