Cupertino has always paid great attention to the privacy and security of storage. many option fields that have been built into iOS and macOS for a long time. The operating systems presented at the last WWDC conference are also not accidental. This standard once useful feature appeared in the browser.

In previous versions of Apple’s OS, private mode Safari Protection only from external trackers. Tabs visited are not recorded in the history, and promotion services do not allow you to personalize users while visiting sites.

To the point:

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With the release of the new version of the private mode software, sites and tabs from other Mac, iPhone and iPad users will be built. If relatives or colleagues have access to your equipment, they do not have the ability to see in the bookmarks from private mode without prompting by instruction. Face ID or Touch ID.

How to Install the New Tab Protection Mode on iPhone and Mac

▶ Go to Settings – Safari.

▶ Activate the toggle switch Touch ID/Face ID to unlock Private Access.

▶ Run Safari and public order private access. You can do this through the browser menu, the context menu for opening a tab, or pinning the console to the application icon.

If, while browsing sites in this mode, you exit it or minimize the application, then when you reopen the data collection system, log in using Face ID or Touch ID.

How to install the new tab protection mode on Mac

There is a similar option in the first test version of macOS Sonoma.

▶ Launch Safari and the efficiency of setting up applications through the menu bar.

▶ Open tab Confidentiality.

▶ Activate the observer Require password to view locked tabs.

Also, private tabs are additionally protected from other users of your Mac.

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