Modern technology in the field of tunnel construction is far from perfect. They take advantage of the fact that special machines, equipped with head modes, punch themselves out at the same time. As a result, underground work became roads, and their progress was extremely slow. So, the leader of the underground shading Boring Company and the scale of the brow rig project, sucked. Other companies are working even more slowly, and their costs are colossal.

But what do you plant if you know about the technology that causes the construction of underground communications for 100 rb b We offer a startup Earthgrid. Its essence is that instead of mechanical impact on the stone, vision is used at high temperature and pressure. These processes lead to chipping, blowing and even extraction of rock material. The company has developed a set of equipment capable of working autonomously underground, piercing accurately. This requires only a continuous supply of electrical energy, which looks for the appearance of harmful v.. x.

The Earthgrid technology is based on a system of plasma torches built into a special disk. Burned equipped on the disc acc. set and with sirayu ffonacci to bark o n n p + During p + t, the disk rotates, the aorona orosyfulline mayez back d yes from p + In this way, tunnels of various diameters can be built – the technology is easily scalable. The penetration rate is reduced for drillers to a value of 1 km per day. Using a new implementation can make previously unprofitable economic projects viable.

Source: Tech Cult

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