As mentioned, the excavations were carried out at the site of the village of Ain-Mallaha in Northern Israel, the age of the wind instruments is 12 thousand years. The flutes imitate the sounds of the common kestrel Eurasian hawk and belong to the Natufian culture, a Middle Eastern civilization that lived in these areas between 13,000 and 9,700 BC. Predators are known to choose smaller bones to produce a high-pitched, high-pitched sound.

At the same time, flutes could be used not only for hunting, but also for interaction with birds and music in general. magazine points out that the flutes found are the first wind instruments related to Middle Eastern culture. Previously, scientists discovered aerophones only in Europe. The find is important in terms of revealing the development of social and daily practices and traditions of a particular culture during the transition from nomadic life to settled life and the beginning of agriculture.

Source: Ferra

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