Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, YouTube said this Sunday (22), The platform has already removed more than 70,000 videos and suspended nearly 9,000 channels related to conflict. in an interview with GuardThe Google company said the main reason for the suspensions was violations of its “Major Violent Incidents” policy.

Among the channels suspended during the “scan” is the channel of Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov, who has strong ties to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin. Channels affiliated with the Russian defense and foreign ministries are also temporarily suspended from broadcasting videos, for describing the war as a “Ukrainian liberation mission”.

Why did YouTube suspend Russian videos and channels?

According to YouTube Product Director Neal Mohan, “We have a major violence policy, and that applies to things like major violence denial: everything from the Holocaust to Sandy Hook. [escola americana onde 28 pessoas foram assassinadas]. And, of course, what happened in Ukraine is a big deal of violence.” Guard.

In the interview, Mohan assures that the content of the news published on the American video-sharing platform is about the war. Over 40 million views in Ukraine alone. YouTube’s goal is to provide “accurate, high-quality and reliable information” without the Kremlin’s “authoritarian” bias.

The measure adopted by YouTube is significant because in practice it highlights the platform’s role in preventing the spread of fake news and disinformation on the network. Still video sharing site It has more than 90 million users in RussiaA growing number with the bans of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Source: Tec Mundo

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