The Twinby dating application, created based on the results of scientific research of the Higher School of Economics of the National Research University, has entered the online dating market in Russia and the CIS countries. This was reported to RB.RU by a representative of the project.

The Twinby service entered the Russian online dating market: it was created based on research conducted by the Higher School of Economics of the National Research University.

The app selects a partner based on psychological compatibility using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning methods. Twinby allows you to see the percentage of compatibility with other users and get recommendations to choose a partner, taking into account personality traits.

At the time of launch, the app is free and available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android users. In July 2023, the introduction of a premium subscription is expected, which will cost up to 600 rubles per month. Currently, the possibilities of premium accounts in the company are not disclosed.

The founders of the project are graduates of the Higher School of Economics of the National Research University Veronika Yakovleva and Valery Klimov. Yakovleva is the CEO of the startup, responsible for the general concept of the application, manages the development team, operations and finance, Klimov is responsible for strategic development and investor relations.

Scientific research for Twinby was conducted by HSE’s International Applied Network Analysis Laboratory. With the help of the lab, the founders tested the hypothesis that certain traits of a person influence their preferences and actions, and can be used to predict their behavior.

In total, the team employs more than 20 specialists. The app was reportedly created entirely at the expense of the founders.

Twinby did not disclose the amount of the investment, but the project representative said that the app took nearly a year and a half to create, and “the cost of developing a technically sound app with a good design can range from $500 to $700.” thousand .” At the same time, the use of R&D, the development of algorithms, the use of neural networks “multiply the cost of creating an application”.

According to Twinby’s own data, there are now more than 100 thousand registered users of the application, mainly from Russia and the CIS countries. The app is available in any country, but has an age limit of 18+.


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Source: RB

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