Is Shopee trustworthy? Answer Yes! Established in Singapore in 2015, the e-commerce platform arrived in Brazil in 2019 and soon gained an important place among major marketplaces.

With an innovative offering, Shopee has adapted its platform to meet the needs of each region in which it operates. Not only did it open up space for big brands but also local businesses and small and medium entrepreneurs showcase their products in an online showcase accessible to millions of users.

In Brazil, there are more than 3 million registered sellers on the platform, which guarantees a wide selection of products and competitive prices.

In this article, we will provide you with seven basic tips so that you can do your shopping safely in this virtual environment. So read on and find out how to enjoy all the benefits Shopee has to offer!

1. Prefer national vendors

Choose to buy from Brazilian sellers. This makes it easier to resolve potential issues and reduces the chance of dealing with issues such as long delivery times or customer service hassles.

It’s also easier to consult the national store’s CNPJ and get more information about the seller in order to sue the seller in court as a last resort.

2. Be wary of prices far below market

Check the store's origin before choosing to buy by price alone.

Be on the lookout for attractive offers with prices well below the average market value. Overly cheap items can be signs of counterfeiting, second-hand items, or even scams.

So do some price research on the sites you usually buy from outside of Shopee. It is worth referring to other e-commerce, which has a good reputation among online consumers, to compare products.

3. Read reviews on seller and product page

See the positive and negative comments about the seller and of course the product.

Before making a purchase, ratings and reviews from other buyers on both the seller page and the product page. This will help you get an idea of ​​what your shopping experience will be like in terms of the seller’s service and commitment or the actual quality of the product.

4. Calculate the risk of each purchase

Is it worth investing in the product through Shopee?

If the product that attracts your click is of high value and is offered by a seller or an international store with few reviews, it’s time to assess the risk involved!

Consider factors such as the value of your investment and whether there are more options from sellers with higher sales volume and positive reviews.

5. Confirm the value of the shopping cart before completing the order

Confirm that the final value of the shopping cart matches the items ordered.

Before completing your purchase, please verify that all items selected are correct and that there are no unexpected fees or additional costs. This verification step Reduces errors in the system, especially credit card. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises at checkout.

6. Understand Shopee’s Warranty Policy

If necessary, file a Shopee warranty claim.

Have you received the wrong order, received damage or abandoned your purchase? You can claim the Shopee Guarantee as long as you don’t confirm receipt of the order in the app (if you don’t click “Order Received” on the “Order Details” page).

Shopee Guarantee ensures that your payment is made to the seller only 7 days after the product’s due date. If you want to give the seller more time to ship the order or wait for your order to arrive, the warranty period can be extended by an additional 3 days.

If something goes wrong during this process, you can request a refund through the Shopee app.

7. Communicate only through official Shopee channels

Only contact official Shopee channels.

Using the authority Shopee has gained in recent years, online scammers masquerade as the company’s fraudulent employees and extract personal and bank information from their victims.

Remember: All communication from Shopee is done through the official website and app. Whether to report the status of the goods and the payment or the results of prizes and sweepstakes made by the platform.

Be on the lookout for calls from unknown numbers and text messages with untrusted connections!

in short Shopee is a reliable platform for online shopping as long as you are careful. and pay attention to all the details of your purchase. By following the mentioned tips, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of this marketplace with confidence.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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