Biometric payment, access of foreign banks to the digital ruble, “Russian shelf” in the markets and other events on October 10.

“Russian Shelf” on the markets, payment via biometrics: the main thing on October 10


  • The Bank of Russia, NSPK and the Center for Biometric Technologies (CBT, EBS operator) plan to launch test payments using biometrics in November 2023.
  • The Central Bank proposed giving access to the digital ruble to foreign banks from 2025. This will open the opportunity for foreign companies to work with Russia without going through the SWIFT system, writes RBC


  • Markets will have to create a “Russian shelf”, which will display the first 50 names of local products in search results.
  • Ralf Ringer is facing bankruptcy at the request of the owner of a factory in Taldom near Moscow, where the company rents production facilities, Kommersant writes.

Technologies and services

  • The ChatGPT mobile app generated record revenue of $4.58 million in September and was downloaded 15.6 million times worldwide during the month.
  • Russian software developers do not meet FSTEC standards in terms of the speed of response to detected vulnerabilities, which threatens certificate revocation, Kommersant has learned.


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