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Mexican actor and influencer, Allan Estradarevealed in recent hours on social media and in TV interviews that he had traveled across submarine titan and that he descended 3,800 meters below sea level to see the Titanic.

Estrada revealed in an interview with host Jordi Rosado that he had to read almost a book of conditions in order to leave Titan, where he had to sign an agreement, taking the possible risk of death.

He said he was aware of the risk involved in the trip but always tries to keep a positive attitude in his videos: “One of the boys who came out behind me was very interested in the data and told me, ‘Did you know that what we only what did they do, incredibly risky?”


The dangers of going down to see the Titanic #AlanEstrada

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Alan Estrada also commented: “I hope they find them soon, the submarine has everything to survive inside five days.”

To mother. I already checked and it’s the same company I did it with. I hope they will be found soon, inside the submarine there is everything to survive 5 days. 🥲

— Alan Estrada (@alan_estrada) June 19, 2023

The act also explains that the risks of conducting such expeditions are known in advance: “I know that they are very careful in matters of security. However, this is an experimental submersible and there are risks. We all knew it.”

I know that they are very careful when it comes to security. However, this is an experimental submersible and there are risks involved. We all knew it. I was rude on issues of audiovisual material.

— Alan Estrada (@alan_estrada) June 19, 2023

“Obviously, they are lost on the surface, which gives hope, because if they are found, there are many opportunities for rescue. You can’t get out from the inside, you have to be opened, and that operation is complicated, ”he comments through the social network.

The actor made this trip on July 3, 2022, according to the Mexican newspaper Milenio. That is, he did it on a previous expedition. Through his YouTube channel (Alanxelmundo) he gave more details, confessing a few months after the trip that he would no longer risk his life: no, there is no need to go back. I said goodbye, thanked God for the experience, for being one of the 200 people who were able to descend.

Critical Hours of James Cameron

The same man told him the story that James Cameron, the director of the film Titanic, was trapped in a current at the bottom of the sea for 19 hours.

“There are streams there. James Cameron fell 33 times, and the current of water picked them up from the stern. titanic And they were there for 16 hours until the water was diverted because they couldn’t get out,” he said.


The risk of going down to the remains of the titanic 🚢😱 #AlanEstrada #laentrevistaconyordirosado

♬ original sound – Jordi Rosado – Jordi Rosado

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