A study by scientists from Lund University and a Swedish water company has shown that tap water can be kept safe without adding chlorine to the water, thanks to the self-regulating ability of predatory bacteria.

True, achieving such a result is possible only with the use of special filters.

For example, in the case of Varberg in Sweden, the removal of chlorine was carried out after the installation of ultrafiltration, which prevents harmful microorganisms from entering the water from lakes and groundwater.

This kept the tap water virtually bacteria-free, meaning there was no need for chlorine.

During the study, the scientists collected water samples from different points of the grid and analyzed the composition of the bacteria before and after stopping the use of chlorine.

It turns out that some types of bacteria are declining, while others are improving. A particularly interesting fact was the emergence of the predatory bacteria Bdellovibrio, which had not been observed before in water pipes. These bacteria were most likely hiding in the biofilm on the walls of the pipes.

Researchers believe these tiny predators could be used to purify tap water even without complex filters. This technology can be more energy efficient and less expensive than current cleaning methods.

Source: Ferra

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