By 2030, the number of banned plastic types could reach 20. These norms are already stated in the federal law “Circular Economy”, which aims at “a gradual, systematic transition to environmentally friendly alternatives, that is, packaging that is possible.” recycled.”

According to REO head Denis Butsaev, the main goal is to reject non-eco-friendly packaging that is difficult or technically impossible to recycle. The initiative primarily aims to limit the use of non-standard PET bottles other than white, light blue, green and brown; Thin shrink film used in labels, mesh bags for vegetables and fruits, doypack-based plastic bags where ketchup and other sauces are sold, stop the circulation of plastic capsules for coffee.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade also recommends rejecting multi-colored PET bottles as they are nothing more than advertising fraud, thin shrink film, containers with PVC labels and packaging with insoluble adhesives.

Source: Ferra

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