Russian Rostec has officially announced that Mi-26 heavy-class helicopters are equipped with a more powerful PD-8V engine, which is currently being developed by UEC specialists. The budget one was built on the basis of a two-sided installation of the PD-8 type on the “imported” liner SSJ-New and the world-famous Be-200 amphibian.

It should be noted here that the future remotorization of the Mi-26 line has already been discussed more than once. It is not confirmed that the PD-12V was converted to PD-8V in 2022.

Mi-26 helicopters receive a new PD-8V enginePD-8

As configured in the UEC, the new Mi-26 power plant will add about 15 percent improvements in terms of fuel efficiency, it will operate under the control of a fully digital system.

Recall that the PD-8 is a classic turbojet engine with a dual-circuit architecture, which produces in mode I an effort of 8 tons of weight and 7.5 tons at normal speed. With regard to the gas generator PD-14, the test procedure was carried out in the ultra-modern laboratory IL-76 and the heat pump is being adapted to the first day helicopters.

Source: Tech Cult

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