Scientists from the Omsk Polytechnic University announced the emergence of a promising microengine designed for small space disorders, which turned out to be in the small class – the key feature of this development lies in the use in the form of a mixture of alcohol and water.

Traditional power plants installed in this type of apparatus, also known as MCA, operate on gases harmful to the human body – freon with isobutane or others, the development of Omsk specialists in this field is absolutely safe for people.

Russia has created an engine powered by alcohol and water for satellitesImage: OMGTU

The water-alcohol mixture enters the tank through special control elements in the presence of a micro-engine and a blower, increases the concentration with gases, after which voltage arises, heating and evaporation of the fuel occurs, which is formed during this pair and takes into account traction.

As assemblers, covering the assembly, it easily adapts to any task, and also has you so high reliability and mass character. A prototype is currently being assembled, and tests are scheduled for late summer, including tests using a vacuum. cameras.

Source: Tech Cult

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