Microsoft believes the future is in the cloud and started migrating its products a few years ago to offer them as a service. With Office 365 consolidated and Xbox Game Pass in the process of rolling out, the next step for the tech giant will be its flagship operating system. According to the presentation, Microsoft plans to launch a version of Windows in the cloudavailable for any device.

The information appeared at the hearings on the FTC lawsuit against Microsoft. Like other legal processes, the purchase of Activision Blizzard reveals the secrets of the Redmond company. According to the fee edgeMicrosoft is exploring the possibility deliver Windows 11 in the cloud via Windows 365a service currently reserved exclusively for business customers.

This became known in June 2022 during an internal presentation. The slide in question is part of the Modern Life Experiences strategy. It clarifies that the division’s goal is to “serve more than 1,500 people with productivity devices, software and services through an integrated and personalized Windows experience.”

One long-term opportunity for Microsoft is bringing Windows 11 to the cloud. To do this, the technology will use Windows 365, a service for companies and small businesses that offers access to a virtual desktop. For a monthly fee, users will have work with the desktop operating system directly from the Internet and on any device.

Enable streaming the full version of the Windows operating system from the cloud to any device. Leverage the power of the cloud and the client to deliver AI-enhanced services and fully roam the digital experience of people.


Cloud version of Windows may be coming soon

Although remote access to a computer has been around since the days of Windows XP, Microsoft upgraded it with the cloud. A couple of years ago, the company introduced Windows 365, a service that allows you to set up a PC with the full range of Windows features available from any browser. Depending on the subscription level, the user will have at hand virtual machine with up to 512 GB of memory and 32 GB of RAM.

Within weeks of its release, Windows 365 has become one of Microsoft’s most successful products. Demand was such that executives had to adjust plans and put two-month free trials on hold due to lack of servers. During all this time, the company has improved the service and introduced new options, including shortcut on computers that already have Windows 11 installed.

The slide also mentions developing your own chip, like what Apple does with its processors. In this regard, Microsoft will ensure the competitiveness of the Windows ecosystem and Surface devices. The latest rumors suggest that ARM processor may debut with Windows 12the next version of the operating system that will integrate artificial intelligence into workflows.

Idea the version of Windows 11 in the cloud doesn’t feel far-fetched if we consider the success of Windows 365. However, it is important to note that the presentation dates from June 2022, and the Modern Life Experiences team was disbanded in August of that year after a wave of layoffs.

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