Forbes offers material on how Gorbushka works in the context of dependence and parallel imports. We have selected the main theses from the articles:

▪️ Almost every store on Gorbushka sells an iPhone 13, and the mall’s activities have not changed since the setup.

▪️ iPhone 13 for 128 GB costs an average of 55 thousand rubles. In large networks, a retail model is sold for 75-80 thousand square meters. rubles.

▪️ All suppliers who brought goods before February 2022 continue to do so.

▪️ Most smartphones on Gorbushka were purchased in other countries, but manufacturers do not prohibit activating and using them in Russia.

▪️ Sellers do not pay for customs clearance and related taxes.

▪️ Smartphones are brought mainly from the UAE. In the Emirates, you can buy an iPhone in any market at a favorable rate. From the UAE, they entered Russia or the CIS countries, and then to Gorbushka.

▪️ Most sellers settle with suppliers in dollars or euros, so smartphone prices are pegged to the exchange rate. An iPhone from the UK, which is now sold for 55,000 rubles, cost 10,000 rubles a week ago.

Most of the shops on “Gorbushka” continue to work without changes. Customers have already stopped giving preference to PCT models, which used to be covered by the official Apple warranty. They opt for cheaper iPhones, but no warranty. [Forbes]

Source: Iphones RU

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