In Russia, they plan to abolish VAT on products and bottled water with an expiration date, as long as they are transferred free to the population. Such a bill was prepared in the Liberal Democratic Party, writes Izvestia.

The State Duma proposed to cancel VAT on food and water with an expiration date

From the explanatory note it follows that the loss of food products in the Russian Federation amounts to about one fifth of the volume of its production annually. The authors of the initiative believe that the free transfer of products to the population could become an effective measure here.

Now it is unprofitable for retail chains, since they cannot pay VAT only for products that have been thrown away and whose expiration date has expired.

One of the authors of the bill, LDPR Deputy Chairman Yaroslav Nilov, noted that under current laws “it is easier for companies to destroy these products in order not to pay taxes than to transfer them to the population for free.” To avoid the “absurd situation”, the Liberal Democratic Party modifies the Tax Code.

It is planned to exclude from the list baby and diet foods, as well as alcohol.


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Source: RB

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