Russian route “Stribog”

Ruselectronics, which is part of Rostec, presented public networks of routers of the Stribo g line, developed by Inteltech specialists, which replace foreign counterparts from such manufacturers. These are TP-Link, D-Link and Cisco.

It is an anonymous model, fully valid and fully working memory. After connecting to it, you can work with it as with a full-fledged computer.

This device, which is not exactly like a router, includes the capabilities of a router and a router, and the presence on the on-board infrared port with the help of additional software can occur in a set-top box.

Another model of the Stribog family can have access to eight sim-cart slots at once, which allows you to connect to the network of any operations in the usual area, and the software will independently choose the fastest option and distribute traffic to ensure stable communication.

In addition, the same software is capable of automatically suppressing the fastest channels in calls, increasing the overall data transfer rate. This model is common in remote areas, as well as on moving objects.

So far, Rostec has shown only an insignificant test of the production of Stribog carbohydrates, and there is no information about the prospects for their growth Vodstva. brought.

Source: Tech Cult

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