You can download videos from YouTube one of the most requested In the Internet. Since this video portal has become popular, many people have wanted to get their hands on the published content. Some do it because your connection is not always good. others because I prefer to watch videos offline. And no cutouts. The point is that, until recently, this function was not in YouTube.

And as you know, if something cannot be done officially, there will always be someone who can provide you tools to make it possible. So if you ever needed download video from youtubedifferent ways to make it possible. It’s actually very easy. But the choice between one method or another will depend on your preferences, where you are or what do you want to do with these videos.

Download video from YouTube

If you want to download videos from YouTube from youtube, the official way to do this is to hire YouTube Premium. It is very likely that you have seen advertisements about this as the advertising campaign of this service is very aggressive. The vast majority of users watch YouTube videos for free. We put up with two or more video ads and move on.

But if you want to “save videos to watch when you need to, like when you’re on a plane on your way to work,” YouTube lets you do that. While you go through the box and you subscribe to YouTube Premium. Maybe try free for a month. Its price is 11.99 euros per month. Although you can choose the family plan for €17.99/month and share it with 5 people, or get the student plan for €6.99/month.

Its price may seem a little high, but in return you will see videos on YouTube. Without advertisingyou can play video in background and you will have the opportunity download them for offline viewing on your mobile phone. Yes, indeed. They will be available for a maximum period of 30 days.

Downloading a YouTube video from a web page

Save or Convert from the Internet

Since you probably came here looking for a way to download YouTube videos for play them for free on any device or apps, the official way won’t do you much good as it limited to 30 days and on the mobile app.

The first unofficial solution you can use to get YouTube videos is to go to one of the many pages or online platforms for downloading videos. They are very simple. Enter the video link in the corresponding field and click the download button. Some even let you select video quality (between 360p and 2160p) and if you prefer to stay with sound only Or do you want the full video?

Below is a list of sites to download YouTube videos online. Are for freedo not require registration and work in any browser and device.

  • Freemake YouTube Downloader
  • SnapSave
  • 10loader
  • YTBvideoly
  • save from us
  • save video
  • Youtube vlogger downloader
  • Imate
Download YouTube video from VLC Media Player

Download Video with VLC Media Player

If you are a user VLC media playera free media player available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, you might be interested to know that its desktop version makes it easy to download YouTube videos.

The process is relatively simple. You just need to do this:

  1. Copy link YouTube video you are about to download
  2. Open VLC media player
  3. go to File > Open Network… or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+N (Windows) or Command+N (macOS)
  4. insert link video in URL field
  5. Press play or play upload video to VLC
  6. open information for the media video with CTRL+J (Windows) or Command+i (macOS)
  7. Copy link bottom of the window
  8. Open it in your web browser link insertion
  9. Save it to your computer by right clicking and clicking on Save video as…
ClipGrab is used to search and download YouTube videos.

Download YouTube videos with the app

Another method for get youtube videos and save them for posterity – use an application designed for this purpose. Just as there are many pages that make it easy to download videos, there are also apps. Eat paid and free. For PC and Mac and for mobile devices.

most recommended apps to download video from youtube:

  • ClipGrab (Windows, macOS and Linux)
  • jDownloader (Windows, macOS and Linux). Disadvantage: Requires Java to run.
  • yt-dlg (Windows and Linux)
  • iTubeGo (Windows, macOS and Android)
  • 5KPlayer (Windows and macOS)
  • Free YouTube Download (Windows and macOS)
  • Viddly (Windows and macOS)
  • aTubeCatcher (Windows)
  • Newpipe (Android)
  • insTube (Android)
YouTube video

Save videos with browser extensions

We have seen how to download YouTube videos from websites, from VLC Media Player, from dedicated applications for PC, Mac and mobile devices… But if you watch videos in your browser, you probably want to download from the browser itself. By default, the browser does not offer this option. but yes you can do it with some help.

This assistance consists of install extension or plugin. Now almost every browser offers extension support. Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera… But only a few deserve to be on the following list. So you can download YouTube videos after watching and one button press.

  • Video Download Assistant (Firefox, Chrome)
  • Ant Video Downloader (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera). It also has an app for Windows
  • 1qvid (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Yandex). There is also an online version
  • YouTube Video Downloader (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari…)
  • (chrome). There is also an online version

Source: Hiper Textual

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