The YandexGPT neural network began to respond to requests several times faster, the Yandex press service reported. Previously, to create voluminous texts – essays, reports, long lists – it was necessary to wait up to 10 seconds, now the user will see the beginning of the answer in one or two seconds. Thus, the spawn rate increased by at least five times.

The YandexGPT neural network accelerated the generation of texts by 5 times and began to format them

Also, now the neural network can format the created texts. Users can ask “Alice” to design headers, program codes and citations, highlight bold or italicized snippets.

In addition, since June 29, Alice, along with all the functions, including the creation of texts with YandexGPT, appeared for the first time on the Yandex search results pages. Users will be able to find the information they need and immediately create their own texts based on it in a chat with a virtual assistant.

YandexGPT (YaLM 2.0) was released on May 17. It is available to users in the “Let’s Think” mode on “Alice”. The neural network was trained in two stages on Yandex supercomputers. The company has also incorporated it into its Masterroom app.

Earlier it became known that Yandex also taught its language model to quickly and concisely retell the text.


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Source: RB

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