But who are new, interesting, which have already come out in excellent quality on the Internet? If you do not know what to do this weekend, then here is a simple guide:

● selects a movie from this selection
● convenient convenient before waiting
● watch and enjoy

Yes, it’s that simple. I have collected for you only the latest releases of this year with an interesting plot, so stick to yourself at an interesting evening movie.

1. SuperAlibi 2 (Alibi.com 2)

Genre: comedy
Viewer Rating: ⭐️ 6.6 (KinoPoisk)
Country: France
Directed by: Philippe Lachot
Cast: Philippe Lachot, Elodie Fontan, Tarek Boudali, Julien Arruty

About what: the former owner of an alibi search agency tries to show his relatives’ fiancee in the most lucrative light.


Greg met a girl who changed his whole life. He even shut down his own rumor agency. But over time, the former problems begin to become more and more powerful to torment the protagonist: it is necessary to acquaint oneself with his arrogant relatives, a swindler father and an acquired actress.

Perhaps we should revive the closed agency and create a trial version of the ideal family history for ourselves?

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2. Escape illusion (Superposition)

Genre: thriller, drama
Viewer Rating: ⭐️ 6.0 (KinoPoisk)
Country: Denmark
Directed by: Carolina Lyngby
Cast: Maria Bach Hansen, Mikkel Boe Völsgaard, Milo Olsen

About what: The family rests in the forest from the bustle of the city and meets with their counterparts.


A metropolitan couple with a child in search of an ideal place for life and creativity decides to experiment. They escape into the uninhabited forest and chronicle their new lives in a sophisticated podcast.

Strangers, strangely similar to themselves.

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3. Fast and Furious 10 (Fast X)

Genre: action, crime
Viewer Rating: ⭐️ 6.1 (KinoPoisk)
Country: USA, China
Director: Louis Leterrier
Cast: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Momoa, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris

About what: the first part of the final series of films about a desperate family, beautiful cars and world conspiracies.


10 years ago, on the instructions of Agents of the Brazilian politician, businessman and part-time drug lord Hernan Reyes, who set off in pursuit of them and died.

Now his son Dante is going to implement an insidious plan of revenge: not just to kill the criminal, but to make him suffer, being separated from his family.

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4. Silent Gardener (Master Gardener)

Genre: drama, crime, melodrama
Viewer Rating: ⭐️ 6.0 (KinoPoisk)
Country: USA
Director: Paul Schroeder
Cast: Joel Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver, Quintessa Swindell, Esai Morales

About what: What hides a pedantic gardener working in luxurious estates? A new film from the director of the cult “Taxi Driver”.


Narvel Roth appears to be an ordinary gardener who, along with the attendants, is responsible for the hard times of the ancient estate. He lives by strict rules in the hope of atonement for the sins of the past, full of blood and death.

Narvel’s measured way of life changes when his mistress of the estate asks to bail her wayward niece Maya. However, to get Maya out of trouble, Narvelu can break a few rules.

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5. Russian cross

Genre: drama
Viewer Rating: ⭐️ 7.7 (KinoPoisk)
Country Russia
Director: Eduard Boyakov, Petr Zelenov
Cast: Mikhail Porechenkov, Polina Chernyshova, Yuri Kuznetsov, Dmitry Blokhin, Elena Korobeynikova

About what: a penetrating story of atonement for sins through hard and thankless work.


The simple man Ivan Rostov, having reached the limit in his fall, repents and is spiritually reborn.

He gains faith after the appearance of the sun to him by George and sets himself the restoration – the village temple destroyed in Soviet times.

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