In 2023, the number of delivery people in Russia exceeded one million people. Every second courier partner of a popular company would like to receive a bonus of up to 25,000 rubles a month for wearing a branded uniform. This is stated by a study by the analytical center Konsol.Pro, the results of which were reviewed by RB.RU.

Each courier wants to receive a bonus of up to 25 thousand rubles for wearing a uniform – study

52% of couriers prefer to work with popular delivery brands or retailers, and 17% find it important not to be associated with an unscrupulous company. 77% have previously worn or use a branded uniform.

Every second would be enough 20% of the monthly income. Almost a third of deliveries called fair wages for a courier in large Russian cities in the range from 90 thousand to 120 thousand rubles. Another quarter of the couriers are convinced that their work should bring more than 120 thousand rubles a month.

As an alternative reward for wearing a branded uniform, 21% of respondents would be satisfied with bonuses and benefits from a partner company, such as discounts on partner products, services or goods.

Another 9% of self-employed couriers in the Russian Federation indicated that they lack recognition of the company whose brand they are supposed to represent.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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