The macOS operating system has more and more enemies among hackers, so it’s not a bad idea to protect it as much as possible. One of the ways to achieve this is to be careful when installing applications and accessing web pages. However, there is also the possibility of resorting to a quality antivirus that is free. We show you three that are highly recommended for you. Match.

It has to be said, although not yet at the Windows level, due to the increase in attacks received by Apple computers, it is recommended. overly cautious while using a computer from the company with a bitten apple. Fortunately, some companies working in the security segment offer free solutions that suffice and add a plus to the barrier you put between yourself and hackers.

The free antivirus we recommend for Mac

Next, we leave you with a description of each of the options that you can get for free to protect your computer from Apple, and of course provide you with the corresponding download links. Surely some of the choices we make will convince you because You won’t notice the performance drop to use any.


It’s a development without much fanfare, but it does its job quite efficiently and offers a pretty good interface for Mac as it doesn’t spoil the aesthetics of the software. It’s pretty light in terms of resource consumption, without being intrusive. system… And all this, without losing a pretty good yield.

Avast Anti-Virus


With real-time protection, it has a section devoted to excellent and powerful malware. And that’s life insurance. It even has protection against phishing.

Download Avast antivirus

Bitdefender Virus Scanner

It’s a very good option for those with Apple computers, because it combines two essentials for users: ease of use and really good protection against all kinds of hacks. With comprehensive and constantly updated virus definitions, you won’t lose power against malware.

Bitdefender Logo


It is capable of very deep analysis of the operating system and even applications installed in real time. The user interface won’t give you any trouble.

Download Bitdefender antivirus

Avira Free Security

One of the highlights in this study is that besides offering good online security, it includes a dedicated VPN with a monthly consumption of 500 MB for free. Good chance not to be noticed by the browser. It’s nice that it includes a password management tool with high detection power.

Avira Anti-Virus


With specific departments to work on privacy protection, combined work in the cloud, your scans are life insurance. Its versatility is wide because you can even scan the system in all its important parts.

Download Avira antivirus

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