On AliExpress you can find a lot of interesting and funny things for every taste that you can not buy in ordinary stores. The site is famous for its variety of different devices, the most useful of which are consecutive observations in such collections.

1. MEILITE reflective keyrings


Cute reflective keychains, which are most often bought by children.

such hang on backpacks or bagsso that a person can see better in the dark.

This is especially useful during an evening gathering with a child close to the road.

▶︎ Sale: 141 113 rub.

2. Convenient lock for EMID locker


A simple lock for lockers in the office. His very easy to install by yourselfto subsequently protect personal belongings and documents.

It opens with a keychain in the form of tablets or cards.

▶︎ Sale: 1480 710 rub.

3. A good inflatable Koi SUP board


Very good inflatables SUP boards with finsThe package includes a pump and a paddle.

Rigid. They are of good quality. on the surface of the photo.

Dimensions and other characteristics are best specified at the time of ordering.

▶︎ Sale: 26 910 RUB 16,950

4. Safety vest for swimming SWROW


a wide range of swimming vests in different sizes and colors.

The filler is availableto rinse the outer material directly in the washing machine.

The quality is excellent, you need to take.

▶︎ Sale: 1900 RUB 1,530

5. Fun absorption hammock mattress


Mattress for the sea or take that consists of two inflated parts, between alternating stretched meshes. Looks like a real hammock.

A very interesting option for acquiring water for inflatable things.

▶︎ Sale: 1 100 610 rub.

6. Bicycle chain brush


Excellent plastic brush for the chain of a bicycle chain after off-road riding. I ordered just for this purpose. Achievement piece with its task is very good.

▶︎ Sale: 275 180 rub.

7. Ultra-portable travel soap


Soap in medium quantities of disposable wipes. it intended for traveltravel and camping.

It foams very well, it makes sense to order several sets at once in reserve.

▶︎ Sale: 145 100 rub.

8. Inflatable mattress for tourism Pacoone


An excellent inflatable travel mattress 165 cm long. In such cases, it is convenient to sit and lie in nature on a fresh beach or in a ward.

Mattress deflated folds up very conveniently into an ultra-compact carry bag.

▶︎ Sale: 4620 1 350 rub.

9. Warming “blanket” for travel


A special “quilt” for travelers, which can help out at the most unexpected moment.

Despite the very compact format when assembled, it warms very well when disassembled. These are used in emergencies.

▶︎ Sale: 295 150 rub.

10. Waterproof pill case


A wide variety of aluminum pill cases that presented in the form of fiery key rings-boxes.

They look and feel very good. There are several sizes. Reviews are positive.

▶︎ Sale: 170 120 rub.

11. Yofeil classic gas burner


Ordinary gas burner put on the balloon. In outings into nature, the thing is simply irreplaceable.

The quality is very good, it is set on fire with the help of a piezo.

▶︎ Sale: 920 770 rub.

12. Rain cover for backpack


Waterproof covers for backpacks of various sizes. Great protect from rain and other “adventures”. There are several colors to choose from.

▶︎ Sale: 270 180 rub.

13. Laser roulette-rangefinder LOMVUM


Another device that I received myself the other day. laser length gauge, which used instead of a tape measure.

Works very well. I gladly threw it into my toolbox. It is necessary to constantly measure something, so it will not be superfluous.

▶︎ Sale: 2270 1 450 rub.

14. Ultra-compact Xiaomi lamp


Cool incredibly compact Xiaomi night lamp. Powered by USB, so it’s great for outlets where this same port is provided by default.

You can use it with a computer, but the meaning is so-so. And here together with a power bank, it will help to illuminate the same room at night while camping. Cool stuff.

▶︎ Sale: 122 36 rub.

15. Super popular Xiaomi toothbrush


One of the most popular among Xiaomi toothbrushes. Protected from sweat from moisture, there are a couple of colors so as not to get confused.

You can buy a kit immediately with a set of nozzles.

There are a couple of modes of operation. In fact, the brush head just vibrates. However, it significantly speeds up the processing.

▶︎ Sale: 2155 1 120 rub.

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