The development of artificial intelligence and process automation may have a negative impact on some professions, such as production line operators, cashiers and telemarketers. Alexander Lind, CEO of corporate online course platform, explains that companies prefer to automate routine and standardized work that requires less empathy and interpersonal interaction.

Robots can replace cashiers and telemarketers as well as people involved in filtration processes and product quality control. The development of self-service systems and voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa poses a potential threat to these professions. Even bank employees can be replaced by automated customer service systems and investment robots.

But there are areas where artificial intelligence has not yet replaced humans. Fields such as creativity, psychology, research, communication and strategic planning require high personal qualities and an emotional component. While AI can be useful in analyzing psychological data and improving diagnostic accuracy, it cannot replace humans in therapy and counseling. Scientific development requires the use of human intelligence and creativity that cannot yet be replicated using artificial intelligence.

Communication and strategic planning also require empathy and understanding, a weakness of AI. Therefore, artificial intelligence cannot replace humans, as human factors are needed in some areas. However, with the development of technology, the capabilities of artificial intelligence may expand and some areas may become open to cooperation with artificial intelligence in the future.

Source: Ferra

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