Celestiscurious American funeral companyintends to send DNA from four United States Presidents dead in space. In particular, they will George Washington, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower, which will be part of a commemorative flight that will also travel the genetic material of many other people, including several of those who worked in Star Trek.

The purpose of this funeral home, they say, is to establish a kind of genetic book who can help future colonizers reconstruct the history of the earth. They do not provide any information about how these people from the future could collect DNA samples floating in space. But I am sure that it will be a very profitable business.

At the moment, it is only known that this commemorative flight will be christened as businessjust like a spaceship Star Trek. It is also already known that it will be launched into space using a launch vehicle. volcano Rocket, United Launch Alliance. As for the date, it is planned that these US presidents will go into space on May 4, 2023although there may still be changes throughout the day.

Four US Presidents Who Will Go to Space After They Die

John F. Kennedy He was the President of the United States when someone first went into space. It was not an American, but a Soviet Yuri Gagarin. However, who knows if all this made Kennedy flirt with the idea travel to space in future?

What he certainly did not imagine was that he after deathNear three other US presidents, two before and one after his term. Well, actually, they will not be traveling with their entire body, but with hair samples that contain a large amount of DNA from each of them.

Thus, Celestis hopes that in the future, when humans colonize space, they will be able to extract information about the history of the earth. And, to be patriotic, more precisely, the United States.

This is not the first Celestis project.

Perhaps this is one of the most talked about Celestis flights. But this is not the first. In fact, the space funeral home works since 1994 and during this time they enjoyed the support of scientists, artists, students and, in short, the most diverse population. After all, it is their goal that the DNA sent into space serve future colonizers to get an idea of ​​what our planet was like before they had to leave it.

On the whole they were 18 flights they have already completed, and eleven those that are planned. Among them are business, with four Presidents of the United States on board, but others such as Tranquility or fate, with a large composition of civilians. It is always about dead people, of different professions and ages, but all these are memorial flights. This is the last tribute paid to them by their relatives through Celestis.

It should be noted that for ancient remains, such as those of the presidents of the United States, hair was used, but for recently deceased DNA is extracted using a buccal swab.. This is a peculiar way to say goodbye to a loved one, although in the future it may become more frequent. Who knows? For now, only Celestis offers these curious services.

Source: Hiper Textual

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