Concert access service EVNTZ has partnered with the Co:Create protocol to launch one of the largest Web3 campaigns in the entertainment industry. In the first event, users opened more than 5,000 crypto wallets; they were promised virtual rewards and discounts in the future.

Web3 in entertainment: how a Harry Styles concert triggered the registration of 5000 crypto wallets

The popular service EVNTZ has shared the first results of its Web3 initiative. The app is known for collecting information on transportation, parking, merchandise, and other useful things for every major concert. In partnership with the Co:Create protocol, the service implemented a blockchain infrastructure to create a community of fans: those who regularly attend concerts will receive virtual prizes, discounts on new tickets, and other bonuses.

A large Harry Styles concert in Ireland was chosen as the testing ground. Of the 80,000 people who attended the event, more than 5,000 opened EVNTZ crypto wallets, which, according to Co:Create, can be considered a successful start to the project. The plans of the companies go through completely changing the interaction of the fans with the musicians.

We need fans to feel a part of the events they attend. By using Web3 tools, we are able to increase the engagement of the fan community by gamifying their experience and offering rewards for activities.

Kim O’Callaghan, founder of EVNTZ

The official comment from Co:Create says that the Harry Styles concert is just the beginning of the journey and in the near future the cooperation with EVNTZ will expand to other popular artists.


Grigory Shcheglov

Source: RB

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