This Monday (3), Nubank and Estrela will release a new version of Game of Life. searched from Naked Life GameThe board game will sell for R$149.99 and will maintain its classic standard already known to the public with a focus on financial education.

According to the agency, the launch aims to educate the public on strategies for achieving financial independence.

The new game is based on Nubank products and services, but retains the same direction as the traditional game. For example, players can invest in stocks, take out insurance, create “Little Boxes” and buy cryptocurrencies.

To finish (or win) the game, participants must bet on the last house called “Financial Independence” or luckily in the “New Digital Currencies Explorer” house and reach the winner. Since it is based on the board game, the winner is the one with the most money.

Fintech’s proposal is to add one more product to its service portfolio. “Thinking of new ways to bring financial education to even more people using gaming and entertainment is part of our strategy to connect with culture and what interests our customers,” emphasizes Juliana Roschel, Nubank’s marketing director.

The new Nubank-based version of Jogo da Vida is available for purchase from Estrela’s website as of today.

Source: Tec Mundo

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