German bodybuilder Joe Lindnerknown on social media as aestheticsdied last week with only 30 years. The reasons are not yet clear. However, his girlfriend in charge of reporting the death commented that there are suspicions that this may have been due to aneurysm.

The young man was treated for surgery for a hernia and prepares for another operation. In addition, he returned to testosterone replacement therapy. It’s only been two days since he revealed all of this on social media.

Both are examples of the risks bodybuilders are exposed to. And the fact is that this is a physical activity in which health is often relegated to the background, putting the physical in the first place among the priorities of those who practice it. We cannot guarantee that Lindner would be alive today if he was not a bodybuilder. But given his past, it seems like it could have had something to do with it. For this reason, his sad death should serve as a warning of what not to do in this area. First, testosterone replacement therapy should never be done for cosmetic purposes. He benefit/risk balanceclearly falls in the direction of seconds.

Hernias: one of the worst enemies of bodybuilders

A hernia is defined as a protrusion of any organ that protrudes from the cavity in which it normally resides. They may appear in the form congenitaldue to developmental disorders. But the best thing is that they acquired or traumatic. The latter, as the name itself indicates, are due to impacts. On the other hand, acquired ones can be caused by various factors such as constipation, obesity or very great physical effortin which intra-abdominal pressure is increased.

This is where bodybuilding comes into play. These people do exercises to strengthen all their muscles, pushing them to the extreme. They also include the abdominal region. Sometimes the force is so great that hernias can form, which, if left untreated, can suffocate abdominal organsthreatening the lives of bodybuilders.

That’s why Joe Lindner had already had one operation of this type and was waiting for another one. This is very common among bodybuilders. But this did not lead to his death.

Aneurysm from testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is used in patients with male hypogonadism. Or, equivalently, people with abnormal testosterone levels. It should be noted that this hormone, produced by both men and women, but with higher levels in men, begins to decline as men age. from 30-40 years oldstarts to decrease 1% per year. This progressive loss usually causes no noticeable symptoms.

However, when it occurs in a more pronounced form, it can mean emotional problems, as well as loss of libido or fatigue among other symptoms.

Before undertaking therapy, which mainly consists of exogenous administration of testosterone, it is necessary to conduct an analysis to make sure that the level of this hormone is indeed low enough to justify the treatment.

This is important because there are quite a few side effects, so the benefit/risk ratio needs to be assessed. These side effects include worsening sleep apnea, acne, enlarged prostate, or shrinking testicles, among others. However, what is most disturbing is that it also causes excessive production of red blood cellswhich is thought to increase the chance of blood clots.

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Why do some bodybuilders resort to this therapy?

Testosterone is also involved in development of muscle mass. For this reason, bodybuilders sometimes feel that normal levels are not enough and turn to hormone replacement therapy.

This is a mistake, because if their levels are normal, they can perfectly produce a healthy amount of muscle. The problem is the will to move on.

As for Joe Lindner, shortly before his death, he admitted that after leaving therapy, he returned to her because he had lost muscle mass and, moreover, was unable to restore his strength. normal testosterone levels. As such, he recognized the risk involved, but was already in an imbalance that was difficult for him to control.

What caused the death of Joe Lindner?

Without an autopsy or medical report other than his girlfriend’s statements, there’s little we can know about the bodybuilder’s death.

However, we must remember that an aneurysm is a weakened area in the wall of a blood vessel. It is estimated that one in fifty people has an aneurysm in the brain, but in very rare cases it ruptures.

Nevertheless, if clots form, the indicated breakdown will occur more easily, and with it, possibly death. A person who has received testosterone replacement therapy for years may be at an increased risk of blood clots. Although, again, we don’t know if this applies to Lindner.

We know that the bodybuilder had rare disease causing your muscles to be very sensitive to movement or pressure. For this reason, he was afraid to survive a heart attack, since it is still almost entirely muscle.

In a word, there could be many reasons that led to his sad death. It is not certain that bodybuilding has been involved, but we do know that there are many health hazards involved. For this reason, before crossing certain limits, we must think that when the body marks them, it is usually not just that.

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