The electric SUV based on the legendary UAZ-452, called “Electro Loaf”, has started the FIRST stage of sea trials. The autumn-Crimean company “Elkafa” should start pilot production, and in 2024 it is planned to start the mass production of electric “Loaves”.

As specified, certification will be carried out in the penultimate year of production, a significant amount of equipment will be prepared and pilot production will begin closer to autumn, about 10 Electro-Loaves will be created by the New Year, and next year Elkaf will produce about 100 off-road vehicles .


The developers claim that the “electro-bank” does not lose its all-terrain qualities and, well, well, three final oara in a cabriolet with the same tietote

Electric “Loaf” accelerates to 60 km/h in just 12 seconds, its maximum speed does not exceed 80 km/h, up to a height, the distance according to the project without recharging is 180 km.


That’s all, the localization of the Loaf version is 80% and it is worth its price. Moscow.

Source: Tech Cult

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