Slack has become one of the messaging apps Most used. especially in professionally, although he has more and more followers to chat with friends and acquaintances. It is simple, efficient and full of connections to combine with services and applications such as Google Drive, Trello, Outlook or concept. And if you get bored with the default color scheme, you can decorate it to your liking with Slack themes.

Themes for Slack still color selection for the left column buttons and links, texts and other elements. But the result is more than effective. Come on, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to change the look of the main Slack app from time to time. And by default Slack has up to 21 official themes to decorate your messaging app. And if you get tired of them, you can search for more or create your own.

Next we will see how can you change the subject in Slack, how you can create a theme for Slack yourself, and finally, we recommend a page with 249 color themes that you can copy and paste into your application, and so on. wear Slack every day, don’t get bored. Because the networking is quite compatible with the decoration of your favorite applications.

How to change theme in Slack

If you want to change the look of Slack, just go to preferences and then Themes. Yes, indeed. You can only decorate versions desktop sagging. That is Windows and macOS. On iPhone and Android, the setting is limited to the app icon.

Once in topics, you will see that there are two themes by default choose. One light and one dark. You can select them manually or activate the ability to change them depending on the operating system. Both macOS and Windows already have a feature automatically activate dark or light theme across the interface depending on the time of day. Or at night.

From there below you will see that there are several topics sorted by category: classic, minimalistic, dark, positive and happy, light… Click on Slack themes to see what they look like and see if you pick one.

You can create your own theme for Slack

Create a new color theme yourself

If you don’t like the official themes for Slack, you can always create your own themes. You just need to choose the right colors and combine them with each other. Come back to preferences And ThemesIn chapter Colors you will see an option Create custom theme. Clicking on this link in the same window will display a list of fields with colors indicating which Slack element they belong to.

When combining colors using HTML color codesyou can customize the column background, active elements, texts, mention alerts, top navigation backgrounds, etc. The position of the elements will remain the same, there is not much you can do here, but changing the colors will make Slack look different.

To create your personal theme, you just need to change the colors of each box. You can click on a color and select it from the palette, or enter the HTML color code directly using the code page or table. At the end you will get a series of comma separated values ​​which you can copy to save or share.

Dozens of themes for Slack

Slack themes: taste, color

The purpose of this article was to introduce Slack Themes. This is a page that recreates the main Slack window. Not so you can access your channels and conversations from a browser. It’s about directory with 249 themes for Slack. Or so it was when I counted them.

His manager is Cypriot Ufuk Kayserilioglu. And in this extensive catalog you will find a selection of dozens of themes of all colors. There are combinations that mimic operating systems such as AmigaOS, macOS or Windows 95 and Windows XP, others focus on combining shades of blue, red, green or yellow… pastel shadesothers darker, others more colorful like on Nintendo 64, with themes like Netflix, YouTube or Python… The list is endless.

By clicking on each theme, you will see what it looks like. Therefore, the page looks like the main Slack window. And below the theme window, you’ll find a combination of colored HTML codes to copy and paste in Slack, as we saw before. Save it well because if you choose the official theme you will lose it. non-standard combination.

Otherwise, Slack themes are missing some useful features like filter by topic, by color, or see only dark and/or light themes. It would also be nice to be able to add custom themes to Slack. But this would certainly lead to the creation of a catalog of recurring topics. In any case, you no longer have a reason to wake up every morning with a new theme for Slack and so on. make more bearable your work day.

Source: Hiper Textual

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