This is not the first time that a mysterious surprise box has been discovered on AliExpress – Mystery Box. Inside an unknown gadget or accessory. Reviews about such packages are very, very different. Moreover, there is a feeling that they are all ultimately absolutely true.

What, in fact, is the point?

The seller offers a box with unknown contents. It promises that gadgets from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus, Honor, Huawei, JBL and so on are expected to appear.

Something simple can also come across: a conditionally useless Micro-USB cable or a replica AirPods.

But the cost is small, so many decide to take a chance.

▶︎ Sale: 1 199 699 rub.


On the first page with customer reviews in the box only something valuable:

▪ Brand new Sony PlayStation 5 console
▪ smartphone Galaxy A53
▪ flagship killer Poco M5
▪ “tube” Infinix Zero X Pro
▪ Xbox S

For only 699 rubles, you can get something really worthwhile. In fact, many people think so.

However, already on the second page with reviews, the photos are not very interesting. There are only some useless “laces” and headphones of dubious quality.


Are all the recent reviews fake? Quite possible.

But there is a possibility that some really predict something worthwhile. In order to close the costs, everyone who wants to send the useless.

If you choose a very affordable price tag for a surprise box, there is a chance to get an expensive device that is extremely small or useable at all.

Himself order to test your luck. If I get a PlayStation 5 or something like that, I will definitely tell you.

Would you dare to buy too?

▶︎ Sale: 1 199 699 rub.

✓ Topic:

▪ Thing. MIYOO portable console for retro games. There’s even a PlayStation emulator!
▪ Thing. Incredible Xiaomi monopod with tripod and remote control. Need pick up
▪ Thing. Everyone should have this perfect Xiaomi screwdriver
▪ Thing. Laser control of space in the room (discount now)
▪ Thing. The coolest MOSSY OAK 21-in-1 multitool, which has been bought by more than 10 thousand people

Source: Iphones RU

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