In Finland, restrictions on the entry of Russian businessmen came into force, the number of startups in the field of cybersecurity in the Russian Federation doubled, the Ministry of Digital Development created a unified database of all business needs in software and other news on July 10.

Sale of alcohol and tobacco by biometrics, growth in the number of cybersecurity startups: the main thing July 10


  • In Finland, restrictions on the entry of Russian businessmen, landlords and students entered into force on July 10. The restrictions were announced last week.


  • The Ministry of Digital Development has created a unified database of all business software needs. The government must approve this “IT landscape” by September, Vedomosti writes.


  • X5 Group has consulted with the Ministry of Digital Transformation about the possibility of using biometric personal data to confirm the age of alcohol and tobacco purchasers through self-service checkouts, Kommersant learned.
  • Since January 2023, the number of cybersecurity startups in Russia has doubled. Management now occupies 6% of the market for young companies.
  • In the coming months, Sber intends to extend GigaChat to the interaction with all customers. Until now, bank employees are experimenting with the neural network.
  • MTS closed the Marvin voice assistant project and began testing a new assistant. It will take a company a long time to make a quality product.


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