According to information collected by motherboarda hacker Stole the personal information of several employees of the North American operator verizon and demands $250,000 ransom. Information such as employees’ full names, identification numbers, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers were collected.

The criminal’s intent is to exchange money not to reveal the information, and according to the publication, data actually belongs to Verizon employees. “These employees are idiots,” the criminal said in an email.

According to the hacker, he used a social engineering technique to circumvent a company employee by pretending to be part of tech support. So the criminal was able to access the employee’s computer remotely and sent a script that copies all the data on the machine.

data hijacking

“A scammer contacted us recently, threatening to release ready-made employee directory information from Verizon in exchange for payment. A Verizon spokesperson said: “We do not believe the scammer has confidential information and we do not plan to engage further with the individual.”

Although the information does not include information such as social security or credit card numbers, the data can still be dangerous. For example, malicious individuals can use employee phone numbers to social engineer other companies and steal other sensitive data.

Source: Tec Mundo

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