We have always known that it is not easy to think of positive things and find happiness. But we can try to do an evening exercise that allows us to focus on better experiences lived. The scientific research leader is Martin Seligman, an American psychologist and inventor of positive psychology.

The expert has tried for so many years to determine the degree of luck of people who found that some individuals could increase well-being. Also reducing depressive symptoms. One of the exercises that the psychologist tries is one of the easiest and least demanding. We can do this every day to check the benefits. In the evening it is a matter of writing down only three positive things of the day or that made us happy. Few details are enough. It works because we often tend to be negative all the time by worrying and becoming anxious.

Essentially, it helps us fossilize the positives by helping our memory find and analyze the… better memories. We need to find something positive and focus on it, even on the darkest day we have passed. If this practice becomes a daily habit, our life will have that extra touch of happiness. Seligman argues that if this excercise will become a ‘daily habit, our life will get benefits and we will be able to feel more satisfied. We can also encourage others to do this exercise. Here the question changes perspective. Instead of the classic question “how was your day?” you can change to “what were the 3 best things of the day?” We learn to see the glass as half full.

Source: Lega Nerd

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