One of the Pentagon’s toughest contractor contractors, Northrop Grumman, is completing a previous foundation test with the V first flight for the expected year.

The goal of the B-21 program, which started in 2014, is a fundamental upgrade of the strategic air fleet.

The characteristics of the B-21 are secret. It is only known that the bomber has improved stealth, will be subsonic, much cheaper and more nutritious in comparison with the B-2.

In the near future, load tests, instrument measurements, checks of on-board power and hull resistance to speeds, as well as testing of flight subsystems should be completed, after which a radar-absorbing coating will be revealed.

There are currently six B-21s in Northrop Grumman’s assembly shops. The first fully completed machine is expected to be unveiled before the end of this of the year.

Source: Tech Cult

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