Huawei claims it has halved the time to build a 1,000-rack data center. Normally it takes about 18 months to set up and operate such a data center. Huawei says it could be done in six to nine months.

The manufacturer says it uses a modular structure. The stacked modules can be seen in a video posted on Chinese social media. Modules are very similar to sea containers. Huawei calls it the ‘Next Generation Data Facility’. In the video we see a girl making a similar building out of Lego with her father. We then see the building under construction somewhere in China. The two scenes flow into each other, making the similarity clear.

Of course, it’s all about the speed of construction and the lower costs this entails. The company is also said to have made a power supply that is simpler to design than its competitors and can be delivered within two weeks. “Simplified cooling maximizes heat exchange efficiency by converting multiple heat exchanges into a single heat exchange and shortening the cooling coupling,” Huawei says. The facility also houses Huawei’s own automation and AI optimization tools, which it says can tweak the cooling to make it more efficient. This would be a welcome side-effect, as power is a significant expense for data centers. The Chinese mega-company did not say whether data centers need the presence of Huawei products to realize the promised benefits.

China wants to move five million data center racks

China has demonstrated a plan to move five million data center racks from the country’s relatively dense east to the sparsely populated west. The country has identified ten places for it. Huawei states that it is durable and environmentally friendly, as well as providing quick installations. The concept can also be applied in other countries. We will see if this will happen with the problems of recent years thanks to the restrictions abroad.

Source: Hardware Info

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