The North American division of manufacturer Samsung has announced a new technical assistance program for the brand’s devices. From the new service, which has not yet started working, the consumer will be able to obtain all the necessary elements to maintain the device himself.

Innovation, with a South Korean partner iFixit, a famous website that tests the “repairability” of smartphones and other electronic devices through disassembly tests and parts replacement. With this, the interested consumer – and knowing that he is responsible for any technical problems – can purchase a “kit” containing parts, tools and detailed manuals with step-by-step repair.

At least for now, the self-repair program will only work in the United States. In addition to the Galaxy Tab S7+, models from the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 series will be some of the first models whose components will be made available.

without leaving home

Initially, maintenance is limited to the display bezels, rear glass and charging ports, with new units added over time. Old parts should be returned to Samsung, who will recycle them. More information will emerge as the program gets closer to implementation.

It’s worth remembering that Apple has also recently released a home kit for repairs done by iPhone owners – a precautionary measure taken after several criticisms about the brand’s policy against the known lack of repairability of the brand’s products outside of official or partner stores.

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