Belkin’s iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch charger have the most epic deal you’ll ever see

This wireless charging base allows you to charge three different devices.

Belkin charger heavily discounted for Amazon Prime Day

Let’s face it, cables aren’t cool anymore. The cables are very 2000’s… right? There are many big tech companies fighting day-to-day for a wireless futureand it’s really annoying to charge multiple devices at the same time with a clutter of cables; and then connect, unplug… What a load please!

Fortunately, there are solutions that provide us with great comfort and convenience, even if our valuable technology products do not charge their batteries as fast as before. Of course, we are talking about wireless charging bases for iPhone and other Apple devices. Like this Belkin charger by the way, on sale with Amazon Prime Day.

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

Belkin 3 for 1: all-terrain wireless charging pad

This charger from Belkin, one of the most popular manufacturers of iPhone accessories on the market, is a 3-in-1. What does it mean? What can he do? charge up to three devices simultaneously. In this case, it will be about charging the battery of iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. Wirelessly, no wires in between!

The Belkin Wireless Charging Pad has the power to: 7.5W (iPhone) And 5W (Apple Watch and AirPods). It’s available in white and black, but the Amazon Prime Day offer is only available for the white model. Initially, this charging station costs 119.99 euros, but with this Prime Day discount, the price €64,99. Not a bad offer, right? They give 55 Euro discount, almost nothing!

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

Belkin all kinds of wireless charging accessories like this MagSafe compatible charging station for around 150 Euros on Fnac. They have a wide range of products and it is a highly reliable and respected brand.

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