Google has recently refreshed its headphone catalog with its new flagship. we are talking about Pixel Buds Pro, It’s a high-end model coming to compete with the AirPods Pro, and they’re going to improve their sound quality very soon.

Basically, the Mountain View-based manufacturer is working on a new update to add a five-band equalizer to popular headphones, as well as Support for sound balance.

With this, google tws earphones As reported by 9to5Google, they will receive two very interesting features that will significantly improve the sound quality offered by Pixel Buds Pro.

Seven presets to enjoy the best sound

To say that Google has not officially announced this update, but the guys from 9to5Google have “broken” the latest APK that corresponds to it. version 1.0.474476083 It’s the Pixel Buds app that reveals this data.

As stated from the well-known portal, Google wants to add a five-band equalizer for Pixel Buds Pro. Through this item we will be able to adjust five different sound bands: bass, bass, midrange, treble and high treble to optimize the sound according to the type of music we listen to and our personal tastes.

To do this, each of the bands has a horizontal slider in the Google Pixel Buds Pro app itself, so you can customize the sound profile as you prefer.

Moreover, Google will also add a total of seven presetsIncluding Balanced, Clarity, Default, Heavy Bass, Last Recorded, Light Bass and Vocal Boost. A set of predefined settings that will allow us to adjust the volume of these noise canceling headphones faster.

Finally, let’s say that Pixel Buds Pro will also get a new headset, among the news that will come to Google’s most powerful headphones. sound balance function and this allows you to adjust the sound of each earphone to your liking.. Something useful for saving battery.

By Date release of this update Google, which will provide Pixel Buds Pro with a five-band equalizer, predefined settings, and the ability to adjust the volume of each earbud, as we mentioned earlier, hasn’t said anything about it. But everything indicates that these functions may come with an update in the coming weeks, so we will have to be on the lookout.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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