Elon Musk has been one of the staunchest critics of the advancement of AI since the advent of ChatGPT. stop their promotion after signing the letterHowever, in turn, he announced the creation of xAI, which aims to “understand the true nature of the universe.”

In a website unveiled on Wednesday, xAI said its team will be led by Musk and comprised of executives who have worked at a wide range of cutting-edge AI companies, including Google DeepMind, Microsoft Corp. and Tesla Inc., as well as academic institutions such as the University of Toronto.

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As Bloomberg notes, “The 12 people listed on the website as of Wednesday morning (including Musk) include Jimmy Ba, an associate professor at the University of Toronto who studied with AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton, and Christian Szegedi, who spent years as a researcher. . scientist working on artificial intelligence at Google. While Musk is often critical of San Francisco, xAI’s website says the company is “actively recruiting experienced engineers and researchers” to work “in the Bay Area.” So far, most of the development of AI concentrated in Silicon Valley.

xAI’s website says the company is being advised by Dan Hendricks, director of the Center for AI Security, a group that has warned about what it sees as the existential dangers of booming AI.

In addition to xAI, the statement of intent says that it is “a separate company from X Corp,” Musk’s parent company merged Twitter earlier this year, but that it “will work closely with X (Twitter), Tesla and other companies.” .

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