You may have heard the line “Wake up Pedrinho who is the champion today” in a video on Instagram or TikTok in the last few weeks. Music became a phenomenon on social networks and Brazil tops the list of top 50 most streamed songs on Spotify.

After so much success that it even fell under the radar of the big stars of Brazilian music, the composition of the Curitiba-based band Jovem Dionisio has raised questions on the Internet. After all, who is Pedrinho and what championship is this?

Who is Pedro?

According to the band members – Pasquali, Rafael Mendes, Gustavo Karam, Bernardo Hey and Gabriel Mendes – it all started at Bar do Dionisio in downtown Curitiba. The bar has a zealous visitor who, according to the vocalist, ‘jumps’ from bar to bar in the area.

“Pedrinho comes to one of the bars and has a few beers, goes to the patisserie and has four more drinks, and at the end of the afternoon he goes to Dionisio to play pool. Then he sits down, sleeps, wakes up to go back to the pool, that’s all. every day”, in an interview told Newspaper. Bernardo explains that Pedrinho finished third in a pool championship held at the bar.

The five band members knew they were the only ones who knew the story and decided that it would be a good theme for a new track. The goal was to create a song that appealed more to a pop rhythm. “We’ve been saying for a few days that we wanted to make a song that was more ‘discona,’ more ‘butt,'” Hey said. Sheet.

And it worked. Today, well-known celebrities including Anitta, Maisa and Jade Picon have posted videos of them singing or dancing on their networks. Nearly 3 million views on YouTube. Check out the clip below:

Source: Tec Mundo

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